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anna frazer
ux/ui designer

Hi! I'm Anna. I'm a UX/UI Designer with a passion for communication and logic. In my free time, I enjoy one of my many hobbies which include playing the piano, making art, reading, and learning languages. I love anything sci-fi, strong coffee, surf rock, and stargazing, just to name a few of my interests. Feel free to reach out and chat with me!


I have worked as a systems engineer in cybersecurity and as a high school tutor. Recognizing my desire to be logical, creative, and connect with people, I began searching for a career field that would suit me even better. I found UX/UI Design and have been loving every minute of my journey so far. Check out my LinkedIn if you want more information on my work experience.

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listening to
space song - beach house
blade runner 2049 or pride and prejudice
lord of the rings
Let's work together

I am currently open to new opportunities. Reach out if you would like to work with me or simply want to chat!